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All of the following worked for me, but your mileage may vary...

  • cron:
    • Run cygrunsrv -I cron -p /usr/sbin/cron -a -D -e "CYGWIN=tty ntsec" -d "CYGWIN Cron"

  • sshd:
    • Run ssh-host-config and the script will install the service for you.

  • inetd:
    • Install cygwin. 
    • Run iu-config at the Cygwin prompt.
    • Run mkpasswd -l > /etc/passwd at the Cygwin prompt.  This creates the passwd file which is similar in format and function to the *nix passwd file.  Run mkpasswd with no parameters for a usage summary.  You might need to add a -d parameter to grant domain users access.
    • Edit /etc/passwd and delete everything but the accounts you want to have access permissions.  (In most cases, you'll end up with only two lines in this file -- your account and Administrator.)
    • Make sure that your home directory (ie, c:\cygwin\home\userid\) exists.
    • Run the following two commands:
      cygrunsrv -I inetd -d "CYGWIN inetd" -p /usr/sbin/inetd -a -d -e CYGWIN="tty ntsec"
      cygrunsrv -S inetd
    • Now, you should be able to telnet and ftp into your machine



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